Meet the JCR Access Rep

Hi everyone!

My name is Amira. I’m a 2nd year Medic and this year’s Access Rep. This means that I help to make sure that our College is open to all. LMH – Access All Areas will help with this, giving the ambassador team the chance to iron out any misconceptions that you have.

I personally never considered Oxford and really did write myself off very early, thinking: applying for Medicine is hard enough, so never mind Oxford…what are the chances? (and yes I did look on student room for the stats and they weren’t pretty). My high school always encouraged me to apply, not only bringing students down to Oxford to have a look but also getting former students in to tell their stories. But I wasn’t rich and I was northern; 2 things I thought would impinge upon my application.

If I had any advice now it would be to APPLY because, what’s the harm?  The process was a revelation for me: I had so much fun during my interview, and remember being pleased to discover that everybody was surprisingly normal (not everyone here is a robot that works 24/7 and has no social life!)

I love it here (even though I complain about my timetable every day!) From the lectures with the researchers that have written all the books to the spectra of extracurricular activities, it’s all amazing. Hopefully we will help you see that…



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