LMHPageHey there! I’m Marrium, the Outreach Officer at LMH (weird job title right? Read more about it and me here). LMH is one of the 38 independent colleges of the University of Oxford, and it’s my job to encourage students to think about making an application…

Tell me more…

We know that there’s a lot of gobbledygook out there about Oxford, its application process and the kind of person you need to be to get in. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between myth and reality: that’s where we come in. We’re using this blog to give you access to all areas of life at LMH and Oxford so you can get a sense of what it’s like to study here. We hope to breakdown any perceptions of the ‘Oxford stereotype’ you may have. Believe us, there isn’t one: the only thing that everyone has in common here is a love for their subject!

Wait, we who?

By ‘we’, I mean me and our fabulous Student Ambassadors – students who love LMH so much, that they’ve signed up to spread the word and tell you how great a place it is. They’ll be blogging/vlogging about things they think they would have wanted to know before going through the whole Oxford application process: from academics to socials to lots of stuff in between!

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